Thursday, August 02, 2007

Annual Membership Meeting

Ritchie McKinney speaks to the Trail of Tears Annual Meeting about the planned murals for the Brown Building.

About twenty-one attended the Princeton Trail of Tears Commission Annual Membership Meeting at the George Coon Public Library. Tony Merrick give a short presentation on the Cherokee Brave Civil War era Flag.

The purpose of the meeting was mostly to tell the public that we have finished the phases planned on the park. It is ready for the public to begin using, and we will continue working on new parts of the park, Big Springs, plantings etc... We will be dedicating the park on the first weekend of June 2008, along with participating in the Pennington Folk Music Festival. Special guests will be invited and there will be a program at the park.

John Humphries talked about the purpose of the group is to create a forum to continually educate the public about the effects that President Andrew Jackson's actions in 1830 effect us today.

Refreshments were served and new members joined the group to work on the upcomming events. Upcoming events include the Blackpatch Memorial Walk, Geneology Workshop, Caldwell County Bike Ride, and Native American Cultural Workshop in the spring.