Friday, October 13, 2006

Trail of Tears Princeton

The Princeton-Caldwell Coutny Trail of Tears Commission was established to preserve and develop the historical assets related to the Trail of Tears in the area so that future generations will not forget the events of 1838 and the removal of the Native American tribes from the land east of the Mississippi River.

Kentucky’s Trail of Tears should be preserved and developed because of its importance to our nation, our state, and our local community. Preservation of the Trail of Tears is not only an important part of Caldwell County history; it can be an important part of Princeton’s future. The National Trails System Act of 1993 (P.L. 90-543) was enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress to establish a national trails system. Under the Act, the Trail of Tears is identified as one of our nations most important historic trails and a Trail of Tears Interpretive Center was established in Hopkinsville with federal funding. The Act encourages state and local governments to develop historic trails such as the Trail of Tears. The State of Kentucky should follow the nations lead and support Trail of Tears locally.

The Trail of Tears is nationally recognized and offers an excellent opportunity for drawing tourism from across the nation to this area. The trail passes through several Western Kentucky counties and its development can have a positive impact on tourism related businesses, particularly in Princeton.

Our Senator Dorsey Ridley passed a resolution in the Kentucky Senate supporting the preservation and promotion of the Trail of Tears. The trail should be preserved and developed such that hikers trail riders, and other outdoor enthusiast can enjoy the trail and its history. In addition such legislation could provide for Trail of Tears designation as a State Trail, highway access to trail entry points, tourism advertising support, marking highway signs, and mapping of the trail.

This nationally recognized trail is important to Caldwell County’s heritage and Princeton’s future. Organization of the trail should start at state level since it includes the communities from Guthrie, Kentucky to Cave In Rock, Illinois. We appreciate any assistance that you might provide to support further development of the Trail of Tears.