Friday, October 13, 2006

The Trail Where They Cried


Known as the Trail Where They Cried, 13,149 men, women and children were taken on this forced removal, during the winter of 1838. Most detachments took what is known as the Northern Route. From Georgia, Tennessee and through the Hopkinsville, Ky. area, they headed into Caldwell County. Camping near the Big Spring for several weeks, they went on to Skin Frame Creek near the Elkhorn Tavern. Several people died and were buried there. The tavern was a good-sized log house, built around 1812 by James Blue. The Cherokees traveled onward to the Centerville area, near present day Fredonia, to camp at another spring. A historical marker stands on Highway 91 where the town was. From Centerville they traveled to Salem on a road near Mexico. They continued on the Old Golconda Road to cross the Ohio River by ferry.